Good News - 17 stations are set to be built from Delhi to Panipat and Karnal, see the complete list first

Delhi-Karnal Rapid Metro rail Line: There is good news for the people of Sonipat, Panipat, and Karnal of Haryana. Metro stations have also been fixed after the extension of the Delhi-Panipat Rapid Metro Rail Line to Karnal. There will be 17 metro stations from Delhi to Karnal. It will have three stations in Karnal. The work of the Delhi-Karnal Rapid Metro Rail Line will start soon.


Work has started on the ground for the Delhi-Karnal Rapid Metro Row Transit System. Along with the central government, the Haryana government is also completely serious about this project. The route of Rapid Metro train and its stations have been started to be marked. A total of 17 stations will be built from Delhi to Karnal. It has also been almost decided that three stations will be built in Karnal district.

Seating arrangement for 250 people

The first station will be built near Gharaunda, the second near Uncha Saamana village and the third station near Baldi village. This train will be available for service within six to 10 minutes. Each train will have a seating arrangement of 250 people at a time.


Drone survey work will be completed in a month


Deputy Commissioner Nishant Yadav says that the work of drone survey for this important project will be completed in about a month. With the completion of this project, the time taken by bus or train to travel to and from Delhi will be reduced by almost half.

The station will be built here

A total of 17 stations are to be built in the project from Delhi to Karnal. There will be three stations in the district. The last station will be built near Baldi. Before this one station will be near Gharaunda and the other near Uncha Samana. Apart from this, from where the rail line will reach the last station leaving. For this, the place will be decided by mapping drones.

Details of Delhi-Panipat RRTS

  1. Alipore (Delhi-Haryana Border)
  2. Kundli
  3. KMP Expressway
  4. Rajiv Gandhi Education City
  5. Murthal (Sonipat)
  6. Barhi
  7. Gannaur
  8. Samalkha
  9. Panipat South
  10. Panipat North
  11. Panipat Depot
  12. Gharaunda
  13. Uchana Samana
  14. Baldi Village
  15. Karnal 1
  16. Karnal 2
  17. Karnal Depot

Some important Highlights of this Project:

  1. Estimated Project Cost – Rs 21,627 crore
  2. Max Speed – 180 km/ph
  3. Running Speed – 160 km/ph (Avg Speed – 100 km/ph)
  4. Rolling Stock – 3.2 m wide x 22 m long, stainless steel/aluminium body
  5. Track Gauge – 1435 mm
  6. Signalling – ETCS Level-2 (ERTMS)
  7. Traction – 1 x 25 KV AC overhead catenary
  8. Main Line – Sarai Kale Khan to Panipat Depot
  9. Total Distance – 105.6 km
  10. Total Station – 16 Stations
  11. Spur Line – Murthal station to Gannaur Depot
  12. Total Distance – 5.4 km
  13. Total Stations – 1

People of these districts also benefit

Apart from Karnal, the people of Kurukshetra, Ambala, Yamunanagar, Kaithal and Chandigarh will be benefited from this project. This entire project will make Haryana happy and prosperous along with the safety of human beings from accidents. The Central Government had given in-principle approval to the work of extension of Haryana Government's Sarai Kale Khan-Delhi-Panipat Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridor up to Karnal.

Haryana and Delhi connectivity will be further strengthened

With this project, transport facilities will be increased in the entire NCR including Karnal. Road accidents and pollution levels will also come down in Haryana and Delhi. The hassle of night stay of the employed people in NCR will end. In Delhi and NCR region, a large number of people from northern Haryana and other areas stay there for studies and jobs, due to being far away from home, they are not able to make up and down, night stay is the only option. With the introduction of the rapid train, the journey will be smooth and people will avoid the hassle of night stay.